Custom Multi-Shop-System online
July 17. 2014

Custom Multi-Shop-System online

Last year our Russian customers OOO Imobis from St. Petersburg asked us to develop a complex multi-shop solution for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Custom Multi-Shop-System online
The goal was to develop a custom web solution that allows florists to sell their products online easily in self-service-platform. The sellers pay commission fees for each sale to the platform.

Because clients want fresh flowers to be delivered quickly, this has been developed as a Location-Based-Service. The buyers enter the destination address or are located on mobile devices and will then only get offers that are available around him. This is possible in Russia since there is a big number of independend, small flower-dealers.

We have designed this individual software, designed and developed with PHP / MySQL. For Web Controlling and Conversion Tracking we have used the Open Source Tool Piwik. The multi-shop-system consists of the following components:

  • Buyer UI - Front-end website, Customer Login, Conflict Solutions, Fully-Responsive and SEO optimizez
  • Seller UI - Article-Management, Order Management and CRM, Online-Registration for new sellers
  • Admin UI - Managing the platform, unlock new seller, dispute management, automated billing through various Payment Gateways

The online shop is now online at Despite the Russian language website, you can get a good overview.
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