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Complex software - but easy to use!

The customer-specific customization of our software products and development of individual software systems is our core competence. If standard software for your business is not enough, you are right with us. We have extensive experience in the development and parameterization of customized solutions. Our services:

  • Software-Implementation
  • Configuration & Parameterization
  • Customizing for business and individual customer requirements
  • Programming interfaces for connecting external systems
  • Training & Certification for Value Added Reseller as part of our affiliate program

We cover the entire software development process:

  • Conception
  • Testing / QS
  • Service and Support
  • Our advantages:
  • Much experience
  • Short term projects with custom applications
  • Use of modern technologies: PHP, Ajax, jQuery, Ext JS, Sencha, XML, C++
  • Fixed price projects for your security planning
  • Project Management ensures compliance schedules
  • You work with the software, not us: Intuitive interfaces

Individual Software = Expensive, time consuming and error-prone?

Not at all! We are not reinventing the wheel. We use a highly customizable development framework. Using this framework we take your individual needs into account. The result is an optimal mix of proven components and your individual adjustments.

The delivered software will be what best suits your workflow. With the issue of labor costs in each company, we offer you a significant cost advantage over other competitors. You can optimize your business processes through custom software, saving on labor costs and thus increasing your profits.

Isolated systems & money sink

Eliminating risk is the ’A’ and ’O’ for both clients and ourselves!

We develop a detailed concept for the system at a fixed price. Thanks to our customer orientation, specific requirements analysis and streamlined project management, you get exactly the solution you need.

Our systems are not closed and are integrated into your system environment. Interfaces to existing systems at any time.